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Understanding Hair Loss its causes, best ayurvedic products and medicine for Hair Growth

Hair, our glorious crown, is more than just a superficial aspect of our appearance; it's an intricate part of our identity and confidence. However, the worry of losing those strands can be a cause of immense distress for many. Hair fall or Hair loss, a common concern transcending age, gender, and culture, often becomes a topic of intense scrutiny and curiosity.

Causes of Hair Fall:

  1. Genetic Factors:

Explanation of genetic predispositions to hair loss: Genetic factors play a significant role in hair fall. Hair loss tendencies can be inherited from either parent, and the likelihood of experiencing hair fall often depends on a combination of genetic factors. Androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss, is the most prevalent genetic cause. It's characterized by a gradual reduction in hair volume, leading to a receding hairline in men and diffuse thinning in women.

  1. Lifestyle Factors:

Stress and its impact on hair fall: Chronic stress can disrupt the hair growth cycle, pushing more hair follicles into the resting phase (telogen), leading to increased shedding. This condition is known as telogen effluvium. Stress can also trigger conditions like trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder, further exacerbating hair fall.

Diet and nutrition affecting hair health: Inadequate nutrition, especially deficiencies in iron, protein, vitamins (like Biotin or Vitamin D), and minerals (like Zinc), can weaken hair strands, making them more prone to breakage and fall out. A balanced diet rich in these nutrients is crucial for maintaining healthy hair growth.

Effects of smoking, alcohol, and lack of exercise on hair: Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can negatively impact blood circulation, reducing the flow of essential nutrients to the scalp, thereby weakening hair follicles and contributing to hair fall. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle with insufficient exercise can affect overall health, indirectly impacting hair health.

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  1. Medical Conditions:

Hormonal imbalances (e.g., thyroid disorders): Hormonal fluctuations, such as those experienced in thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism), can disrupt the hair growth cycle, leading to excessive shedding. These imbalances affect the production of hormones crucial for hair growth and maintenance.

Scalp infections (e.g., fungal infections): Fungal infections of the scalp, like ringworm, can cause hair loss in patches. These infections weaken the hair shaft and disrupt the normal growth cycle, leading to hair fall.

Chronic illnesses and medications affecting hair health: Certain chronic illnesses, like autoimmune diseases or alopecia areata, can trigger hair loss. Additionally, medications used to treat various health conditions, such as chemotherapy drugs, blood thinners, and antidepressants, may have hair loss as a side effect.

  1. Environmental Factors:

Pollution, exposure to harsh chemicals, and their effects on hair: Exposure to environmental pollutants, including airborne pollutants and harsh chemicals in hair care products, can damage hair follicles, weaken strands, and lead to hair fall. Chemical treatments like perming, straightening, or excessive use of heat styling tools can also cause damage and breakage.

Quest for Healthy Hair Growth: Conversely, the quest for luscious locks and healthy hair growth has been an ongoing saga for centuries. From ancient Ayurvedic practices to modern-day home remedies, humanity's pursuit of nourishing and rejuvenating hair has traversed through diverse landscapes of natural remedies and scientific advancements.

Ayurvedic Medicine and Solution for Hair Loss

Our ayurveda experts have formulated whole bunch of ayurvedic hair loss treatment products ranging from shampoo, oil, juice etc. to tackle various hair problems associated in men and women. All products are made up by combination of pure and natural ingredients avoiding the risk of side effects.

  1. Onion Oil: Our Onion Hair Oil is formulated to tackle hair fall-related problems in men and women, arising due to various factors. The Oil is naturally enriched with sulphur and potassium which plays a major role to strengthen the split-ends, prevents hair breakage and firm the hair strands. On the other hand it also helps to maintain the pH level of your scalp and hair roots, which is beneficial for hair regrowth.

Ingredients: It consists of Methi Dana, Sarso, Onion Oil, Peppermint, Bhimseni Kapur, Til Oil and Coconut Oil.

Onion Oil benefits:

  • Prevents Hair Fall: Onion Hair Oil, being rich in sulphur and potassium helps promote collagen which drastically helps to reduce hair fall and hair breakage.
  • Hair Growth and Strength: Onion oil is rich in sulfur, which is essential for the production of keratin, a protein that makes up the structure of hair. Applying onion oil to the scalp can promote hair growth, improve hair thickness, and make hair strands stronger.
  • Blood Circulation: The anti-oxidants present in Onion Hair Oil support blood circulation on the scalp and spurt hair growth.

  • Averts Greying: Onion Hair Oil is loaded with essential nutrients and helps prevent greying of hair and retains original hair color.

  • Anti-Dandruff Agent: The Onion Hair Oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, that helps prevent dandruff and scalp infections.

  • Shiny, Soft Texture: Onion Hair Oil gives a deep nourishment to the scalp and eliminates the dryness, and frizz from hair and gives a lustrous shine and silky-smooth texture to your hair.

  • Re-growth: Onion oil is the best remedy to induce new growth onto your scalp by giving a light massage every two or three days a week and adds volume to your hair.

How to use: Massage the oil gently for 10 minutes in a circular motion. For better results, use at least thrice a week.

  1. Onion Shampoo: Our Onion Shampoo is formulated using pure onion extracts and includes all the essential herbs to strengthen the roots and smoothen the hair. It also effectively reduces dandruff, nourishes the scalp, and rejuvenates the hair follicles.

Ingredients: It consists of ingredients like Onion, Aloe Vera, and Fenugreek seeds.

Onion Shampoo Benefits:

  • Strengthens Hair Follicles: Our Onion Shampoo helps effectively to strengthen hair roots and reduces damage significantly thereby giving a nice silky-smooth, lustrous hair texture.
  • Hair Growth & Strength: Onion is rich in sulfur, which is essential for the production of keratin, a protein that makes up the structure of hair. Applying onion shampoo to the scalp can promote hair growth, improve hair thickness, and make hair strands stronger.
  • Reduces Hair Fall: This shampoo is loaded with all the goodness of onion extracts that considerably reduce hair fall.
  • Reduces Hair Damage: The onion shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and reduces the hair damage caused due to various reasons.

  • Prevents Dandruff: Onion shampoo consists various natural ingredients to keep your scalp free from all hair infections and thereby reduces dandruff.

  • Pure & Natural: Our onion shampoo is made using pure and natural ingredients and is suitable for all hair types.

How to use: Gently apply the Onion shampoo and rinse thoroughly. For better results, use at least thrice a week.

ayurvedic hair loss treatment

Home Remedies for Hair Growth:

In the pursuit of healthy, vibrant hair, the ancient science of Ayurveda has offered a treasure trove of remedies that harness the power of nature to stimulate hair growth and restore hair health. Drawing upon centuries-old wisdom, Ayurvedic treatments provide holistic solutions that not only address hair fall but also promote lush, resilient tresses. Let's delve into the bountiful realm of Ayurvedic remedies that nurture hair growth:


The Elixir for Hair Vitality: Amla, revered for its abundance of Vitamin C and antioxidants, is a cornerstone in Ayurvedic hair care. Its richness in nutrients strengthens hair follicles, preventing premature greying and fostering hair growth. Utilize amla in various forms - as a hair mask, oil, or in powdered form, to invigorate the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.


Reviving Hair's Natural Splendor: Bhringraj, known as the 'king of herbs' for hair, is a potent Ayurvedic remedy. Its rejuvenating properties nourish the scalp, enhance blood circulation, and stimulate hair follicles, aiding in arresting hair fall and promoting thicker, stronger hair growth. Incorporate bhringraj oil or powder in hair packs or as a massage oil for optimal results.


Nature's Antibacterial Shield: Neem's antibacterial and antifungal properties make it a champion in combating scalp infections that contribute to hair fall. It purifies the scalp, balancing sebum production and promoting a healthy environment for hair growth. Neem-based hair masks or rinses can effectively address dandruff and other scalp issues, fostering a conducive environment for hair to thrive.

Aloe Vera:

Soothing Elixir for Hair and Scalp: Aloe vera, revered for its cooling and moisturizing properties, works wonders in soothing an irritated scalp. Its enzyme-rich composition nourishes hair follicles, promoting hair growth, and strengthening strands. Use fresh aloe vera gel or incorporate it into hair masks to invigorate hair follicles and restore vitality to lackluster locks.

Blend of Holistic Practices: Ayurveda emphasizes a holistic approach to hair care, advocating not only the use of specific herbs but also lifestyle practices. Balanced nutrition, regular scalp massages with Ayurvedic oils, and mindful practices like yoga and meditation, aid in reducing stress, further supporting healthy hair growth.

In embracing this time-honoured ayurvedic hair treatment, we unlock nature's secrets to nurturing beautiful, resilient hair. Incorporating these remedies into your hair care regimen not only fosters hair growth but also promotes overall well-being, aligning with the holistic principles of Ayurveda.

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