Uric Acid: Causes, Symptoms, Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment

Uric Acid: Causes, Symptoms, Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment

Uric acid is a natural chemical compound produced in our body after the breakdown of purine (protein) residues. Purine’s are the remains of proteins present in our diet, which provide our body with energy and nutrition for other essential functions. Uric acid is present in different parts of the body, such as blood, thyroid gland, ring, kidney, and in the kidneys. Excess uric acid can cause many problems in the body, such as arthritis, gout, amputation, And other related problems. Therefore, it is important to keep the uric acid levels under control so that the body balance can be maintained.

What is uric acid?

Uric acid is a natural waste that is produced in our body after the breakdown of protein residues. It is present in our blood and is necessary for many functions in different parts of the body.

Causes of Uric Acid:

  • Catabolism disorders: Eating too much protein or consuming the wrong type of protein can cause increased uric acid.
  • Digestive problems: Any type of problem in the digestive system can increase uric acid.
  • Lack of water: Lack of drinking water in the required amount can also cause increase in uric acid.
  • Alcohol: Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can also increase it.

Symptoms of Uric Acid:

  • Joint pain: This is a major symptom indicating increased uric acid.
  • Swelling of heels and veins: Swelling of heels and veins also indicates the problem of uric acid.
  • Itching and skin diseases: Excess uric acid can cause itching and other skin diseases.

Protection from Uric Acid:

Best Medicines of Shri Chyawan Ayurved:

Shri Chyawan Ayurved’s  UTI Syrup is a natural Ayurvedic remedy that can help control uric acid. This syrup is a rich mixture made using various Ayurvedic herbs, medicinal plants and chemicals.

Following are the benefits of this syrup:

  • Controlling Uric Acid: This syrup can help in keeping the uric acid levels balanced. The Ayurvedic herbs and chemicals present in it are helpful in reducing the amount of uric acid in the body.
  • Reducing joint pain: The medicinal properties present in this syrup can reduce joint pain and provide relief to problems like arthritis.
  • Maintaining body balance: This syrup can help in maintaining body balance and may be helpful in promoting physical strength.

If you are suffering from the problem of uric acid, then using Shri Chyawan  Ayurved's Ayurvedic UTI syrup for uric acid treatment can be a natural and effective way to control this problem.

  • Balanced diet: Eat a healthy diet that includes respectable amounts of protein, fruits, vegetables, and water.
  • Regular exercise: By doing regular exercise, the body's metabolism remains fine and the level of uric acid also remains under control.
  • Optimal amount of water: Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Avoidance in Uric Acid:

  • Alcohol: Reduce or avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Protein intake: Avoid excessive protein intake, especially not in large amounts of meat and fish.
  • Sugary diet: Reduce the intake of rapidly decaying foods, as this can increase uric acid.

If you follow this regularly, it is possible to control the problem of uric acid.

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