A Light-Colored Root with Long Stalks: Ginseng

A Light-Colored Root with Long Stalks: Ginseng

Ginseng, a light-coloured root, with long stalks, and a shape that resembles to fork. Known as a medicinal herb since ancient times, ginseng counts energy boosting, enhancing cognitive function, improving libido, and sexual functions, as key features. Native to North America and Eastern Asia, now grown and harvested as a precious herb. The chemical component, ginsenosides in ginseng is the core reason for the clinical effects of the plant. Of 11 species, American and Asian Ginseng is most popularly harvested.

Some Amazing Benefits
Ginseng has proven effects on stimulating mental and physical activities, delaying burnout and tiredness.
The plant helps in reducing oxidative stress, promoting cognitive functioning.
Chemical compounds in Ginseng help in reducing oxidative stress in the penis, helping men to enhance libido.
Ginsenosides reduce insulin production in the pancreas, managing blood sugar levels.

● What is Korean Ginseng?

Korean Ginseng, also known as Asian Ginseng or Panax Ginseng. It is the most popular and potent in all kinds of the herb. It is consumed for stimulating energy, increasing blood flow, aiding recovery from illness or weakness, and enhancing libido. The Korean Ginseng has high potency thus its consumption is to be avoided by kids, the elderly or severely ill people.

● Does Ginseng work for women too?

Certain research has shown ginseng’s effect on women after menopause. With a regular dosage of ginseng, women experienced enhanced sexual functions after menopause, with no side effects. It also helps in increasing sexual satisfaction in women and decreasing anxiety.

● What is Syberian Ginseng?

Syberian Gensing is not originally ginseng. It is also called Eleuthero and is popularly used to resist the body’s physical, mental and environmental stressors. It should not be confused with any other type of ginseng including American Ginseng. It also has potent results on genital herpes.

● Who can take Ginseng?

Ginseng can be taken by anyone experiencing weakness after illness, decreased libido, sexual dysfunctions, and high sugar levels. Ginseng should be taken after meals, and as prescribed by your physician. If you are undergoing any medical condition, you must consult a doctor first.

facts about Ginseng.
Over 80,000 tons of Ginseng are harvested every year solely for medicinal use.
Ginseng is known as “len seng” in Mandarin, which means “root of man”
As per their effects on the body and mind, Asian Gensing is called “warming ginseng” whereas American Gensing is known as “cooling ginseng”.
A man once listed a distinctly human-shaped ginseng root for $3,800 on an online shopping platform.

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